Dominik Goeke receives VeRoLog dissertation prize 2019


Dominik’s PhD thesis titled “Emerging Trends in Logistics: New Models and Algorithms for Vehicle Routing“ was awarded the prestigious dissertation prize of the EURO working group on vehicle routing and logistics optimization (VeRoLog), one of the largest working groups of EURO (Association of European Operational Research Societies).

Because the 2018 edition of the prize was canceled, the 2019 edition was open to all dissertations defended in 2017 and 2018. Dominik’s thesis came out on top of 14 nominations, of which the following five excellent theses were short-listed (in alphabetical order): Dominik Goeke (Emerging trends in logistics: new models and algorithms for vehicle routing), Stefan Poikonen (Hybrid routing models utilizing trucks or ships to launch drones), Ann-Katrin Rotherbächer (Contributions to branch-and-price-and-cut algorithms for routing problems), Maximilian Schiffer (Logistics networks with intermediate stops-Designing innovative and green solutions), and Hamza Ben Ticha (Vehicle routing problems with road-network information).