Kattia Sanchez-Burchardt wins IPBA Students for Students Award


In this semester's final lecture of the Introduction to Programming for Business Analytics (IPBA) course, the course participants voted for their fellow student Kattia Sanchez-Burchardt to receive the Students for Students Award. The IPBA Students for Students award recognizes students who help their peers by giving the best answers in the IPBA Moodle forum. The students Maurice Herné, Kattia Sanchez-Burchardt, and Henry Sieger were nominated for the award, and Kattia was elected the winner by her fellow students. Instructor Dr. Murwan Siddig thanked all three eligible students for their efforts and willingness to help their fellow students.

IPBA introduces students to programming using two high-level programming languages: Julia and Python. Students learn structured programming using fundamental data structures and algorithmic thinking. Throughout the semester, students practice their knowledge by solving business problems and using several libraries for data analysis and visualization. Instructors Dr. Murwan Siddig and Stefan Pilot give out the Students for Students Award to create an atmosphere of collaboration in the classroom by motivating the students to help each other.