Logistics Systems Planning II


Teaching in summer term

The course Logistics Systems Planning II (lecture + exercise) is delivered following the inverted classroom paradigm. The course is completely online because it is offered within the international collaborations of RWTH. Video recordings of lectures focusing on specific topics are made available here in Moodle. Advanced discussion of the material as well as the chance to ask questions to the lecturer take place in regular lecture online live sessions. The lecture is accompanied by exercise tasks, which students should attempt to solve on their own. Sample solutions will be presented in exercise online live sessions and made available for download later. Questions about both exercises and lectures can also be asked in the forum.

Please note: Recordings and other material will be made available over time and then remain available until the end of the semester. Kick-off and live sessions will not be recorded.


Logistics planning aims at having the right item in the right quantity at the right time at the right place at the right cost. This course introduces some of the most important scheduling and network optimization tasks arising in the design and operation of logistics systems, e.g., scheduling service models, reservations systems, timetabling, scheduling in transportation, workforce scheduling, long haul road transportation, railway network optimization. Emphasis is on mathematical models and quantitative methods for their solution.


Language: English

Operations Research 1 or similar knowledge helpful

Grading: 100 % exam

Learning Goals

  1. recognize some of the main scheduling and network design problems in logistics planning,
  2. model scheduling and network problems arising in logistics planning,
  3. know some of the main solution techniques for such problems,
  4. apply optimization methods to address the described problems.

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