Introduction to Programming for Business Analytics


Teaching in winter term

The course Introduction to Programming for Business Analytics (Lecture + Exercise) is delivered as an online course following the Inverted Classroom paradigm. Recordings of lectures focussing on specific topics will be made available in Moodle and are accompanied by exercise tasks that the students should try to solve on their own. Sample solutions are presented in live exercises and later provided for download. Any questions concerning the sample solutions can also be posted in the forum. Questions to the lecturer and advanced discussions will also take place during regular live sessions.

Please note: Recordings and other material will be made available over time and then remain available until the end of the semester. Kick-off and live sessions are not recorded. The live sessions will only answer specific questions regarding the subjects treated in the recordings and leave time for discussions. The subjects taught in the recorded sessions will not be repeated. A recurring Zoom link for the kick-off and all live sessions will be made available via Moodle.


The goal of this course is to introduce students to programming using two high-level programming languages: Julia and Python. Through practice problems and exercise sheets, the students will learn structured programming using fundamental data structures and algorithmic thinking. The students will also be introduced to several Julia and Python libraries for data analysis and visualization, and learn how to apply their learned knowledge to solve business problems.


Language: English




100 % exam


Learning Goals

  1. learn how to understand and write programs using suitable data structures in Julia and Python
  2. understand, debug, develop, and document business analytics software in Julia and Python
  3. work with software libraries commonly used in business analytics

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