Prescriptive Analytics Seminar



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Teaching in winter term

A Zoom link for the kick-off meeting, and the presentation session will be made available via Moodle.


In this seminar, we investigate methods from the fields of data analytics and optimization (heuristic and exact) and/or use them to address planning problems in production, logistics, and agriculture. Topics include: Transportation planning, location planning, network optimization, territory design, warehouse planning, workforce scheduling, machine scheduling, vertical farming, robust optimization, constraint programming, machine learning and big data analytics. Some topics are developed together with industry partners of the chair, e.g., Deutsche Post DHL Group.


Language: English/German

Basic knowledge of (i) linear programming, (ii) integer programming, or (iii) heuristic optimization methods is required. In addition, programming and data analytics skills are beneficial.

Grading: 80% seminar paper, 20% presentation

Learning Goals

  1. the ability to work independently on a topic in the area of Operations Research and Data Analytics
  2. the ability to document and present the results in a professional way

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