Analytics and Optimization Project



The Analytics and Optimization Project (AOP) is conducted in interdisciplinary groups (economics, business administration, industrial engineering, mathematics, computer science) of 3-6 students. Each group works on a practical problem, which must be solved using Data Analytics and Operations Research. Past topics were, e.g., presented by companies such as Deutsche Post DHL Group, Barkawi or Lufthansa. Each group is assigned one supervisor from the chair and one supervisor from the company to assist with the literature research, the implementation of the solution method, and the preparation of the presentations.


Knowledge in the field of linear and integer programming; knowledge of a programming language (Java, C++, ...) or scripting/modeling language (GAMS, AIMMS, Python, ...) required; prior knowledge in heuristic optimization and data analytics are advantageous.

Further information can be found on the webpage of the faculty of economics.


Learning Goals

  1. interdisciplinary communication
  2. collecting, cleaning, analyzing, interpreting and visualizing real data
  3. solving practical optimization problems using modeling languages and solvers but also by implementing problem-specific algorithms
  4. presenting and documenting project results professionally.

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