Agile Project Management Seminar



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Teaching in winter term

A Zoom link for the kick-off and the presentation sessions will be made available via Moodle.


Changes in the corporate environment repeatedly lead to project adjustments. In order to achieve project success, it must be possible to make adjustments at any time during the course of the projects, as it is almost impossible to predict everything that may occur in dynamic environments. A strength of agile project management methods is that project adjustments are often easier to implement due to their iterative process characteristics.


Language: German
Prerequisites: None
Grading: Presentation, seminar paper, participation

Learning Goals

  1. to learn about principles, roles, and procedures of important agile methods
  2. to gain a first impression of agile methods and techniques
  3. to get to know iterations, reviews, and retrospectives as well as the Scrum method such as Sprint and Backlog
  4. to become familiar with the thinking behind the agile approach
  5. to be able to understand learned terms and techniques for agile projects.

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