Working Papers


List of current working papers at DPO

  • C. Becker, R. Cavagnini, S. Irnich, M. Schneider. Rule-based design of a granular tabu search for the multi-depot vehicle routing problem. Working Paper, DPO-2021-01
  • A. Santini, M. Schneider, T. Vidal, and D. Vigo. Decomposition strategies for vehicle routing heuristics. Working Paper, Download
  • M. Löffler, M. Schneider, and I. Žulj. Cost-neutral reduction of infection risk in picker-to-parts warehousing systems. Working Paper, DPO-2020-06
  • M. Schneider, M. Löffler, and E. Bartolini. A simple algorithm with effective post-processing step for the capacitated location-routing problem. Working Paper, DPO-2020-04
  • C. Schröder, M. Schneider, J. B. Gauthier, and T. Gschwind. In-depth analysis of granular local search for capacitated vehicle routing, Working Paper, DPO-2020-03