Liste aktueller Arbeitspapiere am DPO

  • M. Ye, E. Bartolini und M. Schneider. A general variable neighborhood search for the traveling
    salesman problem with time windows under various objectives. Arbeitspapier, DPO-2023-01.
  • R. Cavagnini, M. Schneider und A. Theiß. A granular iterated local search for the asymmetric single truck
    and trailer routing problem with satellite depots at Deutsche Post DHL Group. Arbeitspapier, DPO-2022-02.
  • R. Cavagnini, M. Schneider und A. Theiß. A tabu search with geometry-based sparsification methods for
    angular traveling salesman problems. Arbeitspapier, DPO-2022-01.
  • C. Becker, R. Cavagnini, S. Irnich und M. Schneider. Rule-based design of a granular tabu search for the multi-depot vehicle routing problem. Arbeitspapier, DPO-2021-01.