Recent working papers at DPO

  • D. Goeke, T. Gschwind and M. Schneider. Upper and lower bounds for the vehicle-routing problem with
    private fleet and common carrier, Working Paper DPO-2017-08
  • D. Goeke. The pickup and delivery problem with time windows and
    electric vehicles, Working Paper DPO-2017-07
  • J. Hof and M. Schneider. An adaptive large neighborhood search with path relinking for a class of vehicle-routing problems with simultaneous pickup and delivery, Working Paper DPO-2017-06
  • D. Goeke, R. Roberti, and M. Schneider. Exact and heuristic solution of the consistent vehicle-routing
    problem, Working Paper DPO-2017-05
  • I. Zulj, C. Glock, E. Grosse, and M. Schneider. Picker routing and storage-assignment strategies for
    precedence-constrained order picking, Working Paper DPO-2017-04
  • M. Schneider, M. Löffler, and E. Bartolini. A hybrid of GRASP and variable neighborhood search with effective post-processing step for the capacitated location-routing problem, Working Paper DPO-2017-03
  • E. Bartolini and M. Schneider. A two-commodity flow formulation for the capacitated truck-and-trailer routing problem, Working Paper DPO-2017-02
  • M. Schiffer, G. Laporte, M. Schneider, and G. Walther. The impact of synchronizing driver breaks and recharging operations for electric vehicles, Les Cahiers du GERAD, Technical Report G-2017-46